Some Clever Ways to Hide Your Flat Panel TV

hide flat panel tvThere are good reasons for hiding a flat panel television. In some settings it’s inappropriate to have the TV out, like in office environments, or where space is an issue. It can also be a safety problem having a TV in areas where there’s a lot of traffic, or young kids can bump into it. LCD TVs are pretty versatile in terms of their décor possibilities and you can have a big one without too much fuss in terms of decoration.

The décor reasons for keeping a TV out of the viewing space vary, but they’re all important. Space usage is one very common issue, where your TV uses up functional or aesthetic space. Some parents with young kids also prefer to be able to remove the television from direct view. The simplest options in these cases are movable screens, fencing off the TV zone, or special cupboards which can simply be shut. Many quality TV furniture units allow this option.

TVs get a lot of usage, and one of the most common parental requirements is to be able to put them out of reach. Either to allow homework to be done or to simply un-glue the kids from their shows, a solution has to ensure the television is out of sight. Other issues include entertaining, where the TV needs to be protected in the traffic zone. This is where a good solid unit works best, providing some security against accidents.

Flat panel TVs are easy to work with, in terms of hiding them from view. With many units the designer furniture or closing cupboard options are the simplest. A basic outdoor TV screen cover will do as a cover, both for protection and hiding purposes. These covers are very durable, and can be relied upon in any situation. With some extra shopping you can find a designer TV cover that looks good indoors, or even add your own ideas for a design on the cover, matching other décor. Even a big modern Samsung LCD TV can be properly covered.

The office TV is a possible temptation in several ways. Not much work is likely to be done when it’s on. In any business premises an expensive TV is also an insurance risk. A dedicated TV office space with lockup facilities is pretty easy to achieve, and there are plenty of style choices, such as: an entertainment unit, a cover, a modified partitioned space which is lockable, a modified workstation suite (also lockable).

Bedroom TVs are a joy and a luxury few people want to do without, but they’re sometimes, well, interruptions. There are times when watching TV isn’t your first priority, including sleeping. A good designer cover or wall unit ensures you’ll get some rest. You can wake up refreshed, and watch some good TV.