Growing Grapes on a Trellis and How to Get Your Trellis Built

photo of grapesYour grapes will need a home in which to grow, and you will need to create one. Grape vines growing on a trellis can be a beautiful addition to your home’s landscape. When made properly it will be a permanent home for your grape vines to produce healthy grapes to eat. In these following paragraphs you will learn all about how to manage a grape vine growing on a trellis.

To start you will need to have some wooden posts that have been treated. You want the posts to be treated because grape vine’s trellis will be exposed to the elements for quite some time. You will also need enough galvanized wire to run at the top and bottom of your posts. When measuring make sure you add an extra 20 ft on both the top and bottom. This will be used for anchoring your trellis.

When decided how tall your posts should be, you want to consider the climate you live in. You will want to have shorter posts for your trellis if you live in cooler conditions. I would recommend them to be about three feet high, in that case. If your climate is warmer, you can have them taller, about eight feet high.

You will want to look at how many vines you have in order to determine how many posts you will need.

Here are 5 Simple Steps to get Your Trellis Built

Step 1: Find the half-way point between each vine and mark it. This is where you will want to place your wooden posts.

Step 2: Dig holes at the marked points. You will want to make the holes about two feet deep.

Step 3: Place your posts in the holes that you have just dug. You may have to apply some pressure in order to get them into the ground. You will want to pack the dirt into any remaining gaps around your posts.

Step 4: Run your galvanized wire between your posts using fence staples to secure the wire to the posts. Place the first wire about 3 inches above the ground, making sure you leave an extra ten ft of wire dangling at each end post. This will be used later. The second wire will run at the top of your posts, also leaving ten feet on both sides.

Step 5: Anchor your end posts to the ground. In order to do this you will want to take the two extra pieces of wire at the top and bottom of each end post and bring them together at the ground. Make sure you are making a 90 degree angle when doing this. Then tie the two wires around a stake and drive it into the ground. This will make sure that your trellis stays stable, even when your grape vines become heavy with grapes.

picture of grapesOnce your trellis has been constructed, it is now ready to hold your grape vines as they grow and produce grapes.

When it comes time to train your grapes to grow on the trellis, you will want to tie up the main shoot vertically. Do not use wire to do this! It could end up damaging your vines. It is probably best if you just stick to using string.

After the second dormant season, you should take two shoots from the side of the vertically place main shoot and tie them horizontally. These shoots will be the base for your grapes

Following these steps will help you set up a sturdy home for your grape vines to rest on. And believe me they will be there for many years to come.