Some Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Planning Your Backyard Landscaping

landscaping ideas photoBefore starting a landscaping project there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. It is important for a garden to have a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. Besides plants, shrubs and trees, water features can create a relaxing atmosphere and make wonderful backyard landscaping ideas.

These days many landscaping plans include water features. There are several options when it comes to water features which always adds a touch of serenity and elegance to any garden whether large or small. Water features can be included almost anywhere in a garden and are ideal to draw attention and add beauty to your yard.

landscaping ideas pictureOne can also include backyard landscaping ideas such as rock pools and water features. A great idea for those that already have a swimming pool is to add a beautiful faux rock or natural rock feature at one end of the pool whereby the rock pool inter leads into the swimming pool which will create a special effect. There are also water features that operate at specified intervals saving electricity.

In addition garden ponds are also really attractive and one can have a fountain incorporated in the middle of the pond. If you don’t intend incorporating marine animals into the pound then the pound should ideally be below ground level. In addition creating stepping stone features around the water feature which leads off in different directions around the garden, will add beauty, as tiny flowing shrubs can also be planted in and around the stones.

landscaping ideas imageShould you choose to add fish or water plants to your garden, one needs to consider color coding as well as whether these plants and animals will compliment the rest of the landscape or not. Perennial favorites are Koi and goldfish due to their bright colors. One can incorporate lilies or certain seaweeds which are eye catching in appearance and in addition are edible. There are several different types of edible aquatic plants such as lotus, chameleon, and duck potato and water fern.

One has to bear in mind that even the minutest backyard landscaping ideas will affect the overall results, so you need to be sure that the plants and features complement each other in order to produce a picturesque effect. There are various different options, which require low maintenance as well as multipurpose gardens such as rock gardens, butterfly and bird gardens. The idea is to have a unique design so that your garden does not look identical to the neighbors.

Ideas For Your Garden Landscaping

backyard landscaping ideasThere are as many ways to landscape a back garden, as there are ideas that the imagination can create. First however, there are considerations to take into account, they are: (1) Size of back garden or yard, (2) Soil quality, (3) Tree coverage, (4) Privacy, (5) Light, (6) Shade, (7) Seasons of the year (heat and/or freezes).

These items are important to consider because they determine the type of plants you will plant, where you will plant them and how many plants you will plant.

Following are some ideas for your garden landscaping:

Plant beds with pathways – To have pathways in your backyard is a nice complement to your home. They can be areas where you put down mulch or sea shells and lay bricks or some type of stone around them to define them. Yes this requires some expense and work but it is well worth it when completed. Planting flower/plant beds around the pathways creates a relaxing and enjoyable use of backyard space.

Picture Of Landscaping IdeasGrass – Many people have an all grass back garden. This is particular true for families with pets that need an area to run around in and use the bathroom. Grass is fairly easy to maintain. It requires mowing and weeding but overall it is a good choice for a family that wants minimal maintenance.

Fenced in backyard – Fencing in a garden is a good idea if you have pets. It’s also great in the privacy that it presents. Inside the fence, the yard can be landscaped however you want to do it; all grass, pathways or plants and grass.

Pool with a concrete or stone deck – If there is room and within budget, adding a pool, particularly in warm climates is an ideal way to landscape your back yard or garden. Around the pool you can have any type of decking that you desire; stone, concrete, brick, plants in beds, etc. Pools are great places to have social events as well. Add a grill near the pool and you have just the right ingredients for a wonderful party.

Landscaping Ideas ImageScreened in porch – Adding a screened in porch to your backyard is always an attractive alternative. Screen porches provide for night time relief from mosquitoes and bugs that like to come out at night. Most also have a patio with them that can include a grill and chairs with plants in beds around them.

Jacuzzi – A Jacuzzi is a wonderful part of any backyard. Many commercials are seen with people in Jacuzzis sipping wine in a backyard. They make a romantic and pleasant get away right at home.

Landscaping your backyard is an exciting and thoughtful project to complete. Think about how you want to make use of it and do it!

Some Backyard Landscaping Ideas