Beautiful Transparent Glass House in Bruges Surrounded by a Lush Forest

transparent glass houseThis beautiful modern home located in Bruges, Belgium exhibits a high degree of transparency while dealing with the small amount of natural lighting that comes from living in an area surrounded by forest trees. Designed by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architecten, a single rectangular volume resembling a large transparent box was skillfully designed inside and out, in order to meet the living atmosphere that is expected. A 50m long wall functions as a backdrop for the transparent volume ensures a good level of privacy.

The use of split levels makes clear of the overall low height of the residence, with the objective of minimizing its effect on the environment. The kitchen, dining and living room are located on the full-height bottom level. Positioned one above the other, the bedroom section of the children area and the master bedroom inspire coziness and tranquillity. [Photography by Tim Van De Velde]

transparent glass house

transparent glass house

transparent glass house

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  • prabhu

    I like transparent vacation houses.

  • james

    Who would really want to swim in that pool?

  • stephanie

    All I can picture is the Windex cost. LOL

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