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belleek everyday wareBelleek Pottery Ltd is a company that started in 1887 at Belleek County Fermanagh (now Northern Island). They are responsible for creating beautiful Belleek porcelain, characterized by its thin and slightly iridescent porcelain look. The fine porcelain is all hand painted with Victorian inspired patterns and designs. Belleek porcelain is available in high end retail stores and Irish pottery online sites.

Pottery in Northern Island started in 1840 when John Caldwell Bloomfield just inherited his father’s estate. The Irish potato famine has recently affected his property, making farming unfeasible. He ordered a geological survey, and upon finding that it is rich in minerals, went to partnership with David McBirney and Robert Williams Armstrong and opened a pottery business.

The Belleek Pottery Ltd started with simple domestic products and it wasn’t until a decade later when it created Parian porcelain for which Belleek is famous today. Its prestige spread throughout Ireland, England, and crossed continental borders to US, Canada and Australia. A few of their noble clients include the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria.

All the original owners died by 1884, which leaves no one to manage the company. Come in a local group of investors who acquired the company and renamed it Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd. The company struggled for survival during the two World Wars, and produced earthenware potteries during those periods. By 1990 it was owned by US based Dr. George Moore and is locally run by 4 directors. Since then, the company has greatly expanded in factory size and company staff through numerous acquisitions and turnovers. Subsidiary companies include Aynsley China, Donegal Parian China and Galway Crystal.

120 years later, Belleek still continues to impress and draw in orders from around the globe. The ageless and magical appeal makes it a classic choice for home living and specialty gifts during Christmas and weddings.

Belleek Pottery Products and Designs
Belleek products include dinnerware such as plates, bowls, teapots, etc. Aside from that, the company also makes picture frames, bells lamps, vases and little ornamental pieces like jewelry boxes and figurines. Aside from their famed porcelain, Belleek also produces silverware, jewelry and crystal glasses.

Designs include Victorian designs and Irish designs like the claddagh and shamrock symbol. Prices of the Belleek porcelain range for as low as US $50 and as high as US $150. Belleek is available on order basis in specialty gift retailers and online shops.

Care and Maintenance
To ensure your porcelain’s long life, you’ll need to regularly care for it. You will need a soft bristled paint brash, a hair dryer set on cool, a dish detergent and some lint free cleaning cloths.

Store your Belleek porcelain in a dry and clean cabinet or case, out of direct sunlight. Sunlight may fade the beautiful hand painted patterns found on the porcelain. Be sure to dust your porcelain regularly using the soft paintbrush and lint free cloth to keep dust and dirt inside and out.

You’ll need to clean it a few times a year even when not in use. Immerse the pottery with warm water & mild detergent for a few minutes. Dry it with the lint free cloth, and place it back to the storage area.

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