Cowhide Rugs Make Striking and Unique Rugs for Your Floors

Cowhide RugYour home’s decor is a reflection of your unique style and taste. Selecting area rugs that capture the beauty of nature while offering impressive durability show that you are both classy and smart. Cowhide rugs are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and designers looking for unique items that brighten homes and stand the test of time.

Environmentally Friendly

Many people are unaware that every cowhide rug is a natural product that does not contain the harsh chemicals often used in the manufacture of synthetic rugs. Quality cowhide is treated and preserved using natural oils. There is no chemical odor associated with cowhide, and its subtle, natural scent lends a cozy touch to a home’s atmosphere. Children and pets can use the rugs with no fear of harm from toxins.

Cowhide rugs are also hypoallergenic. They do not shed, and the hair is much less likely than thick, synthetic rugs to trap dirt and particles that lead to allergies. While they should not be allowed to get wet or be washed with water, spills can be easily cleaned using a damp sponge or cloth, and a quick shake outdoors will dislodge any accumulated dust and dirt due to traffic.

Natural Works of Art

Since every animal hide is a product of nature, each one is different. Choosing a skin for your home is a very personal process, one that allows you to add a rustic touch that suits your environment exactly. The size, shape, color and texture that you choose will certainly make a statement. If your goal is to brighten a room and truly make a splash, pick a hide with contrasting colors and a loud pattern. If you prefer something more subtle, select a skin with soft shades that weave naturally into the existing hues of your living space. Whatever hide you choose, you can be proud that you are adding an organic and versatile piece to your home decor collection.

Lasting Beauty

Cowhide rugs are extremely durable. They are not finicky rugs that must be handled gently and treated with great care. Naturally tanned hides have been used for generations because they last. Placing them in heavily trafficked areas is not a concern. Hides are tough and will maintain their classic look even under heavy use.

Another great feature of cow skin is that it can be used for more than just rugs. Hides make fancy throws for chairs or love seats, and they are even popular as tapestries for walls.

It makes no difference what color, shape or size you choose, your cowhide rug will transform your home from ordinary to amazing. Your one-of-a-kind rug will be a splash of asymmetrical style that becomes a conversation piece for everyone who enters the room.

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