How To Go Green With Your Home

Many people think going green means not chopping down trees, riding bikes, walking, etc. Well that is going green as well, but I want to inform you of other ways to go green and save money at the same time. With today’s economy, job market, etc. it’s hard to keep up with bills.

Here, I wanna tell you about very easy ways to go green in your home. All of the methods to go green I’m going to discuss can be done by anyone! You don’t need any fancy tools that cost thousands of dollars. Their are only a few products I mention that you can buy, but trust me they will pay for themselves. Every product I discuss I have proven to pay for itself, and show you all the math involved to prove it pays for itself.

So you may be wondering what are these genius methods of going green that is going to save me over $2,100 every year.

Well the first thing anyone should do is calculate their electric usage of each device in your home by using a kWh calculator like the one found on our site. You need to become aware of what electrical devices are eating up power. Even if it’s a little, a lot of little things add up! You need to stop wasting! Lights on in a room while no one is in it, is a pure waste! Every second that light is on is costing you money. So if there is no reason for a light to be on, or any other electrical device for that matter, turn it off, unplug it!

Almost everyone has some sort of router and high speed modem in their home. Do you use the internet while you sleep? Most likely not, turn them off! Unplug your router and high speed modem. Plug them into a surge protector so you can just flip a switch to turn both off and on easily. Unless you are running a server in your home that is on the net 24/7 you don’t need these devices on.

Do you know turning off your furnace’s pilot light in the summer time can save you $29.22 – $40.18/year?

Did you know using a Eureka EnviroVac Vacuum cleaner will save you $7.49/year and it’s more powerful than some Dyson vacuums!

How about laundry, when your washing your clothes you should use warm water and adjust your water temperature in washer and save $43.68/year? Using hot water is not cleaning your clothes any more than warm.

A lot of electrical devices still use electric when turned off but still plugged in. Each device doesn’t consume much, but add them all up, you get $421.05/year you can save for a family of 4, 2 parents 2 kids. Both parents waste $236.97/year and each child wastes $92.04, just because of these devices.

You can save $28.23/year for every light bulb in your home, by switching to CFl bulbs.