How To Protect Your Home From Termite Damage

There are signs to look to check whether your house has been invaded by termites. First to look for is the wood around your house. Wood that has moisture is a frequent attraction for termites. They feast on wood that is wet or cold to the touch. Another thing to look for on the wood is the mud shelter tube. These mud shelter tubes serve as highway for termites to go about freely around the house. They usually start from the foundation all the way to the top of the house.

Another thing that needs to be checked is the damage in the interior. Examine your doorways, window sills and eaves to see if there is paper thin damage in them. Most importantly is to watch out for swarming termites.

Termites mate during spring and they swarm. When you see swarming termites you will see black bodied termites with white wings. You will often find their wings scattered in window sills and floors. Finding swarming termites at this time is a sign that you have a very serious termite problem.

Preventing the infiltration of termite is a must to avoid more serious problems. The first thing a home owner should do is to eliminate the moisture in the wood. See to it that water is drained away from the house. Put away any wood pile, logs, unused wood or even cardboard boxes sitting on the wall have to go. Taking away any pieces of wood near the house prevents termites from invading your home.

If you build a wooden fence around the house, it is wise to expose the wood by digging the soil avoiding contact to the wood. Spraying the wood with anti-termite solution kills termites on contact and repels others as well. You only need to reapply once or every two years or more frequent when termites appear. Canned anti-termite foam is also a good way to prevent termites from home invasion. It is easily applied since it expands when sprayed along the cracks and voids in the foundation and it is good for up to years or it can be re-applied when termites are seen.

A bait solution can also be placed in the ground around the house. These are in small capsules and it contains a slow acting ingredient that termites actually feed on. They carry on to their colony and feed to others and they all die.

Termites like other pests are not welcome on our homes; we can protect ourselves by taking necessary steps to make sure they never come into our homes.

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