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Granite Countertops

Granite is a natural stone that includes feldspar, quartz, obsidian, mica, silica and other innate minerals. Most of the people prefer granite countertops over other alternatives, such as laminate or Corian because of its distinctive beauty. Each an every tile of sandstone include unique gemstone, intensity and dissimilarity in color. Granite has the quality of not changing its color, thus it does not mislay its brightness over time. This stone is being used for countertops, usually comes from different division of the world that includes China, U.S., Canada, Brazil, Italy, India, Sri Lanka and Norway.

Generally, the rate of granite countertops will differ based on the square footage. Furthermore, there are some other factors such as edge and backsplash selections, which will influence the cost. If you will go for a unique edge then you have to pay the high price. Even though these countertops are very hard-wearing, the material itself can not have an assurance on it, because it is an innate stone. However, an installer can give a warranty for the installation.

This natural stone is heat-resistant, so you can put hot vessels on the tile’s surface, but it will be better if you use a vessels stand, as hot pot will not come in direct contact of the surface. Granite will not burn, scratch or chip off if you use it for normal purposes. This stone can be washed with lukewarm water with light colored gentle dish soap.

As there are special stone cleaners also available, do not apply harsh cleaner on the countertops. Granite slab have to be resealed when moisture soak into them and resealing need to be done once or twice in a year. Some experts advise for twice-yearly applications, whereas other recommend for half yearly application according to the countertops quality.

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Granite Countertops

To complete the process of resealing, no special expertise is required. As each and every piece of granite tiles is unique, if a part of tile requires to be changed because of damage then it won’t be equivalent as the original countertop. Even though majority of the installer generally avoid joints, but granite countertop usually have a few seams. Position of the ridges will depend on the design of the countertop as well as the required support.

Granite countertop is considered the most required material for kitchen after the surface. It will add outstanding beauty, realism and high value to any building. Sandstone is one of the most well-liked innate stone materials used as popular floor tile. It is highly durable and strong material used in flooring, tiles, vanity tops and slabs etc. Nowadays it is being used in many homes as well as several office spaces. This material offers a variety of colors and patterns from which you can select a countertop of your choice.

How To Avoid Scratches On Granite Countertops

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Granite Countertops

Granite consists of spongy and fiery type of rock it is also made up of quartz countertops and another rock namely feldspar. Most of the rocks resist the scratches and damages in the stone and the stone is similar to be diamond surface. Though granite is useful for long term process and the granite countertops looks like flat and it is helpful to cutting and scratching.

The manufacturer should seal granite countertops very cautious. And granite countertops are basically very spongy if it is not sealed well then it easily cut or scratched. The sealing is helpful to add the protective layer on the granite. The protective layer covers the granite countertops holes this helps the stone for making soft and glossy. The manufacturer should seal the entire granite before selling into the market. This is helpful because it prevents damages and cuts in the stone. The granite countertops should be sealed twice annually. The customer can buy different types sealed products some of them are same as granite countertops to maintain them. The customer should ask the queries whatever comes to the customers mind and the customer should ask this question definitely. The sealed products quantity and cost is varying from one manufacturer to another manufacturer. If it is good in quantity they will sell at high price otherwise if the quantity is not good then they will sell at less amount.

To handle granite countertops the customer should avoid the sharp object near the countertops. Granite countertops are mainly used to prepare food and it is especially used in kitchens. The user is trying to chop the vegetables directly in granite then it is automatically scratches and damages to the granite and it leads to marks and cuts where appeared in the stone. Then the customer should take some precautions to avoid the cuts and marks on the granite make some layer in the countertops to avoid the cutting and the scratches. Another way to protect damages and scratches is. Use wooden board or if the customer is not having the wooden board then keeps the vegetables in some other place to cut. The customers don’t have way to cut then they have to cut slightly without any damages to the granite. So these are the steps to prevent damages and scratches on granite.

The steps to avoid no damages and scratches:
The customer should not pull the object here and there while the objects in granite. The customer should not pull the objects like mixers, stoves and food processors these are the objects the customer should not be use before the granite countertops. The user needs any kitchen product they should not pull the object to that place they have to take instead of pulling. The object is too heavy then the users have to fix wheel under the object then it is easy to take everywhere. These are the steps to avoid scratches and damages to the granite.