Unique Peaceful House Displaying Great Taste and Warmth

house partially recycled partsThe exquisite Distort House is located south of Jakarta, Indonesia. Designed by TWS & Partners with principal in charge Tonny W Suriadjaja and structural engineers Purwa, this home is a remarkable display of taste and warmth.

Why is it called Distort House? Here is a short concept details from the architects: “Twisting out something from the usual line is taken in order to create different perception or to enhance some more quality. This happens to a house that we name it the Distort House. It is located south of Jakarta which is still dominated by lush, tropical village forest in the neighborhood. In front of the site itself lays a public park with some old large tropical trees. “. Aside from having a wonderful appearance, the residence also has some sustainable features. The materials used are partially recycled (reused steel bars, recycled wood plank for the wooden ceilings).

house partially recycled parts

house partially recycled parts

house partially recycled parts

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  • Max Cruz

    Great Job, I like it. It’s good to see different perspectives of the house from different views. I love the stairs, how they made an axis from one structure to the other one. 10 :)

  • Janey

    This is the type of house I like–has a fresh design and doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Good work on this one.

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